Introductory Morning

If new are new to meditation or to this practise we recommend that you attend an

Introductory Morning, 10am -12pm,

which we hold twice a month.

This gives time for you to be shown the sitting meditation posture that will work best for you, whether on a cushion, a kneeling bench, a chair or even lying on the floor if  that is what your body needs. You are also introduced to the simple practise of walking meditation.

We then have a meditation period, followed by tea and a talk on the basics of Soto Zen practice and time to ask questions.

As tight trousers restrict circulation in your legs, please help yourself by wearing looser clothing to make yourself more comfortable.

Please get in touch with the Temple,

01647 231 682, to book a place.

There is no set fee, please offer a donation to the Temple begging bowl.