Introduction To Retreat Day

We offer this Introduction to Retreat Day, because a Soto Zen Retreat  here at the Temple is very specific. After attending one of these days you are welcome to attend our retreat days and weekends.

Meditation is not something just done in the formal setting of the meditation hall, if it is to be of most use we need to  learn how to have the stability of meditation in our daily life. On retreat we follow a schedule designed to help you focus and experience what it is like to be silent and be able to engage with what is in front of you. Retreats are centred on this principle and combine formal meditation periods in a schedule of working meditation, meals, class and rest times.

We have a formal meal, one of the Zen practises that help us to connect with meditation in all that we do.

Please do not to bring electronic devices and shut off mobile phones. This gives the opportunity to participate fully in what is happening now, and to attempt to turn up to the moment. Following the schedule of the retreat wholeheartedly, to just do the next thing, supports us to be able to do this.

Please wear loose comfortable, warm clothing and bring slippers to wear in the Temple.

There is no set fee for this day, please offer a donation to the Temple.